Chapter and Verse Version 1.4 Has Arrived!

Here are some of the major changes and enhancements that are part of v1.4:

Core Audio Support Improvements
  • Automatic file conversion for using iTunes (requires iTunes 7.3 or later)

    • If non-AAC files (e.g. MP3, WAV, WMA) are specified, the user now has the choice to convert them using parameters they specify
    • If a mix of AAC files with different encoding settings or a mix of AAC and non-AAC files are specified, then they will converted to common AAC encoder settings
  • AAC-HE v2 (High Efficiency ) support
  • Updated the core MP4 file library (MP4V2) to the latest version
  • Improved input file validation process to ensure audio stream consistency

    • Added bit rate and other validation checks
    • Added checking for protected windows media files
  • Modified audio routines to fix issues with files created by the Nero AAC encoder
User Interface Improvements
  • Added a toolbar to give easy access to common functions without using the menus
  • Added the ability for the user to specify chapter properties for an individual chapters

    • The starting number for a chapter can be specified (the chapters after that will be numbered based on the new number)
    • A special prefix (different that the default) can specified for an individual chapter
    • The user can modify the chapter indent level (level 1, level 2 or none) and type (input file, interval, user, import)
  • Multi-select support for modifying the input file and chapter lists

    • Multiple input files can be selected when re-ordering using the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons
    • The Autobuild feature for the virtual audiobook is automatically turned off during input file reordering and then turned back on when no more changes are detected
    • Multiple input files, chapters or chapter images can be selected for removal at one time using their respective  “Remove” buttons
  • Automatic and user initiated sorting of input files

    • The user now has the option to specify whether input files should be sorted automatically by filename when they are added to the project
    • The user can sort the list of input files at any time by clicking on the “File Name” column header in the Input File Grid View
    • Clicking on the “File Name” column header more than once will toggle the sort order (e.g. from ascending to descending or the reverse)
  • Added prompts to give users the ability to save modified Projects
  • When opening Projects, if the input files are not found in the original directory location, the program will now check for files in the directory of the Project (*.cvp) file.
  • Streamlined several error handling routines to present a single error summary at the end of processing


Let me know what you think!

FYI – The help file has not been updated, but an update will be released shortly. Leave the "check for updates on startup" option on and you will be notified as soon as it is available.

January 19, 2010   Posted in: News